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P.A.R.T.Y PUPS Services


Puppy 101 classes Household Manners (puppy 6mo and under group classes)
Adult ( 6 mos and older group classes) Beyond Household Manners
Tricks Galore Speciality Classes: Agility, Beginning Freestyle (Dancing with our dogs)


Recall Workshop (Coming When Called): A super reliable recall is the most important thing you can teach your dog. The dog will be safer if you can call him away from a busy road or a distraction that may be harmful, but you will be able to enjoy more off leash time if you know you can call him back to you.

Walking Nice on Leash Workshop : This workshop focuses on ending the frustration of your dog taking YOU for a walk. In this workshop we will work on being able to walk with a nice loose leash, even with distractions around.

Stop Jumping Up on People Workshop: This workshop will end the behavior of your dog leaving paw prints on you or anyone he meets. Just think what a pleasure it will be to let your dog say “hi” to people knowing he will sit automatically. We will teach that the approach of someone means “sit” without being told.

Leave-It/Off Workshop: Get your dog to turn away from and ignore anything! We’ll start with non-moving, not highly enticing objects such as a dropped piece of food, but move up to your child’s toy, shoes, or anything they may find interesting. Then we’ll progress up to moving objects, yes this can work for not chasing the cat!

Leadership Workshop: This workshop helps owners create a positive, clear leadership role in the household. Using positive reward-based training the exercises are geared toward building a solid status foundation of who exactly is top dog in the house.

Puppy Workshops: This workshop is for puppies 6 months old and younger. Start out on the right foot with a new puppy in the household. This workshop will cover all the basic problem areas people have with new puppies. Potty training, chewing, mouthing (biting), digging...etc all while the puppies get to socialize with other puppies and people. This workshop will help you have a well behaved puppy.

Small Dog Confidence Builder and Socializing Workshop: Is your “little-dog” shy or a small barracuda, this workshop will help socialize and work on confidence issues in the safety of other small dogs. Some exercises will include confidence building games. Games to teach manners, and some hand selected larger dogs that are gentle to help them overcome that “little-dog-syndrome”.

Tricks Galore: This workshop will teach your dogs some cool tricks to impress your friends with. Starting with “shake”, “high-five”, “wave”, “roll-over”, building up to teaching your dog to skateboard. Dogs love to learn new things, this workshop will teach you how to shape these behaviors while you engage, challenge and bond with your dog.

Parties with our Pooches

Party packages for birthdays or other themed parties with our dogs, packages include: Fun interactive games to play, doggie bandanas, prizes, dog snacks, doggie goody bags, even a bone shaped cake for the dogs! Click here for pictures and info.

Private Lessons

Problem Solving and Private Lessons available: **Jumping Up **Resource guarding ( food, objects/toys, people) **Mouthing/biting **Excessive Barking **Front door, doorbell/greeting manners **Fear--reactive, aggressive behaviors **Hyperactivity

There is nothing better than the attention of a professional trainer working with you and your dog exclusively- one-on-one. Private lessons let you schedule the session when convienient for you, with some dogs and their people it is much easier to learn one-on-one in a less distracting environment. It helps create the "real-life" situation when/where the problem occurs. We can't ask or expect our dogs to do behaviors in a distracting environment if they can't do the behavior in a non-distracting place! (253) 302 - 0856 ** P.O. Box 1223 Graham, Wa. 98338

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