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Welcome to P.A.R.T.Y PUPS!

Kari and her dogs

Helping one dog at a time get to stay in their forever home is my goal.


I've had dogs in my life since I was a kid, but my love for working with them really started with Molly. I had never had a puppy before, so we enrolled in doggie training classes. I loved the positive training methods, the process, watching her learn and wanting to do more. Molly made me look good in class!
Moose came into my life and taught me a whole new view on how to deal with dogs that have been in abusive situations. It took some time, but she learned to love and trust humans. She's an incredible dog with a huge heart and endless fortitude.
Maggie Maggie and her litter were left at my vet's office to face an uncertain future. But she found her way home with me! She's still teaching me a thing or two about her, but all I need to know is that she's a great, sweet girl.
Elf Elf found me in a parking lot, and since then has been a gift. Though she had some separation anxiety to begin with, eventually she and I competed at the national level in agility. She is simply amazing...And to think, someone just abandoned her.

Then came the boy, Maxx. Dogs have always just "happened" into my life, but Maxx is the one dog I planned on getting. We have been on a journey learning about fear issues, self confidence, reactivity to other dogs, and the journey continues, but I look forward to more lessons I can learn from all of my "kids".



I love helping others learn how fun and rewarding this training journey can be with our four-legged friends.

Coming Soon....

"Tail-Waggin' Endings" (253) 302 - 0856 ** P.O. Box 1223 Graham, Wa. 98338

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